Race rules and participation conditions


By applying for the recreational MTB race “Catch the Wind 2023” organized by the Sutivan Tourist Board, the participant acquires the right to compete in the race, which will take place on June 1, 2024, on the island of Brač, starting and finishing in Sutivan. The race is recreational in nature, and no HBS license is required to participate. For participants under the age of 18, a signed parental consent is required. The number of race participants is limited to 400 competitors.

Only individuals who have registered via the website chasers.uvati-vitar.hr and have registered at the information desk at the race start and finish location may participate in the race. The registration desk will be open on May 31, 2023, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM and on June 1, 2023, from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. The organizer reserves the right to deny race start rights to all competitors who have purchased a starting number but have not registered within the specified registration period.

During registration, participants are required to provide the race organizer with personal information (name, surname, address, date of birth, gender, contact number, email address). Registration is personal and not transferable to other individuals. By registering for the race, participants accept the race rules. Participants agree that their images, names, and surnames may be used for promotional purposes of the race.


  • Men: 18 – 39 years
  • Men Masters: 40 – 49 years
  • Men Grand Masters: 50+
  • Women: 18 – 39 years
  • Women Masters: 40 – 49 years
  • Women Grand Masters: 50+
  • Juniors: 16-18 years (allowed registration for Bonaca 20+ or Vitar 40+ track)
  • Kids: 12-16 years (only allowed registration for Bonaca 20+ track)
  • E-bike Men: (Vitar 40+ km or Bura 70+ km)
  • E-bike Women: (Vitar 40+ km or Bura 70+ km)
  • Gravel Men
  • Gravel Women

Health Requirements All participants must ensure that they are physically and medically fit to participate in the race. Participants must contact their doctor to check their health condition and obtain a doctor’s permit to endure the physical demands of the race. The organizer may request a doctor’s permit during registration if the competitor shows weaknesses.

Race Package By paying the entry fee, competitors receive:

  • Racing number and the right to participate in the race
  • Electronic timing
  • Marked trails
  • Refreshment zones with drinks (water, isotonic, Coca-Cola) and snacks (fruit, energy bars, gels, cakes)
  • Mountain rescue service on the ground throughout the race and medical service
  • Track profile
  • Starting package including a shirt for competitors and sponsor gifts
  • Volunteers on the track

Race Number and Timing Chip Each competitor will receive a race number with a timing chip during registration, which must be attached to the bicycle handlebar with the corresponding ties so that the number and inscriptions are visible from the front at all times during the race.

Race Start and Finish The race starts and finishes in Sutivan on June 1, 2024, at 9:00 AM, for all categories on the Bonaca track. The start for categories on the Vitar 40+, Bura 70+, and Gravel tracks is from Pučišća, where competitors will be transported by a special ferry from Supetar, with the finish in Sutivan. The starting positions will be open 30 minutes before the start of the race, and participants must arrive at the starting position no later than 10 minutes before the race start. The organizer reserves the right to allocate race participants to individual starting positions. A participant who does not arrive at the starting position 10 minutes before the start will be allocated to the rear. A participant who arrives at the starting position within 15 minutes after the official start will be allowed to start, but after 15 minutes from the official start, it will no longer be allowed to start, and all registered competitors will be listed as DNS (Did Not Start) in the results. The race timing of each competitor starts when crossing the start line. The participant finishes the race by crossing the finish line where the time measurement system with the chip is located. Upon reaching the finish line, the race participant must return the timing chip sensor to the race information desk. Participation in the race will be recognized for a participant who has reached the finish line and has not violated any of the aforementioned race rules.

Mandatory and Recommended Equipment for Competitors All competitors must wear a protective cycling helmet at all times during the race. Competitors must ensure clothing and footwear suitable for weather conditions during the race, as well as provide their own water bottles. It is also recommended to bring basic equipment and tools for bike repairs.

Technical Condition of Bicycles Competitors must use bicycles intended for mountain biking, powered by human power, except in the E-BIKE category. All participants must ensure the technical condition of their bicycles, especially in terms of safety (brakes), and the organizer reserves the right to disqualify competitors with defective or inappropriate bicycles. The use of saddlebags and trailers, non-flexible drinking bottles (glass, metal…), bicycles with electric drive, except in the E-BIKE category, and tandem bicycles are prohibited during the race.

E-bike Category Participants in the E-Bike Marathon can only start on “Pedelec” type E-Bikes with a limited speed of up to 25 km/h. The construction of the motor and drive on the bicycle must be such that the motor is deactivated when the rider stops pedaling. The power of the electric motor on the bicycle can be a maximum of 250 W. The organizer reserves the right to check the factory settings of the e-bike and the maximum speed set on it. E-Bike Marathon participants start from a special starting block. The start time will be communicated on the Organizer’s website. Only one battery is allowed to be used during the race, which will be marked upon entering the starting block. All participants who return to the finish line without a mark will be disqualified. The organizer will check if the bicycle complies with the regulations from this point by random selection before the race start and after entering the finish line. In case a participant’s bicycle does not comply with the prescribed standards from this point, the participant will be disqualified. Participants riding in the E-bike race can choose between the Bura 70+ and Vitar 40+ tracks. E-Bike race participants compete in two categories: E-bike Men and E-bike Women.

Tracks When registering for the race, participants apply for one of the 4 tracks they wish to compete on, which are defined by the length of the track. The Bura track is 70+ km long, the Gravel track is 70+ km long, the Vitar track is 40+ km long, and the Bonaca track is 20+ km long. Depending on the selected track, each race participant must pass one or more checkpoints whose locations will not be announced in advance. Race participants must ensure that they pass through all checkpoints in the correct order and within the maximum time allowed for each track. Any bypassing of the marked trail and checkpoints will result in the immediate disqualification of the competitor. The race organizer can carry out checks on the trails, and in case of a competitor’s failure to comply with the provisions of the previous paragraph, the competitor will be disqualified. Competitors who do not pass through all checkpoints or do not comply with the provisions of the previous paragraph will be disqualified.

Awards The awards ceremony will take place in Sutivan on June 1, 2024, at 4:00 PM. Cash prizes are awarded to the first three competitors in each category, except for the kids and juniors categories. Additionally, sponsor prizes will be drawn among the competitors who reached the finish line. Competitors must be present at the awards ceremony in order to receive cash prizes, and if they are not, their prizes will be passed on to the next competitor.

Protests and Complaints Any complaints must be submitted in writing to the race office within 15 minutes after the participant’s finish, along with a deposit of HRK 100. The complaint will be considered by the Complaints Commission, which will render a decision immediately. If the complaint is upheld, the deposit will be returned; otherwise, it will be kept by the organizer.

Safety Regulations Competitors must adhere to safety regulations and take responsibility for their own safety during the race. The organizer is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or other damages that may occur during the race. Competitors should follow the instructions of the organizers, race referees, and volunteers throughout the race.

Cancellation of the Race In case of force majeure, bad weather conditions, or other circumstances that would endanger the safety of competitors, the organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the race. If the race is canceled, the organizer will refund the entry fee to the participants, minus any non-refundable expenses.

General Provisions All participants acknowledge that they have been acquainted with the rules and agree to abide by them. The race organizer reserves the right to amend the race rules at any time, and all changes will be published on the race organizer’s website.

Liability All participants participate in the race at their own risk and take full responsibility for their health condition and the technical condition of their bicycles. The organizer is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or other damages that may occur during the race, except in cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of the organizer.

Privacy Policy By registering for the race, participants consent to the collection and processing of their personal information by the race organizer for the purpose of organizing and conducting the race. Personal data will be used solely for the purpose for which it was collected and will not be disclosed to third parties without the participant’s consent, except in cases provided for by law. Participants have the right to access, rectify, and delete their personal information at any time.


Friday - Sunday 31-1-2 May/June, 2024


Island of Brač Sutivan, Croatia


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